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VT3 Visual Tool is a complete suite for programming electronic devices for mobile equipment control. Programmable devices are typically COBO products, even if also third part hardware can be easily integrated into VT3.

VT3 unique feature is the capability to develop a complete machine automation (sensors, controllers, displays) starting from the CAN network and managing multiple devices in just one programming session.

VT3 allows to program devices (HMI graphics and controller logic) using the most recent standards available in the automotive market, like WYSIWYG graphical user interface, IEC 61131 as programming languages for industrial controllers as well as C.

Warning !
VT3 is not suitable for safety applications development.

VT3 is an automatic “C code” generator using standard compilers that saves time thanks to a powerful and user friendly interface.

Besides, code generation through standard compilers allows to use VT3 also for devices with very limited memory capabilities, even for 8 bit processors.

Another distinctive feature of VT3 is to allow the programmer to protect the application software with a digital signature into an encrypted USB external device, in order to prevent unauthorized accesses.


VT3 combines many features that make programmers’ life easier, like:

  • Real time debugger
  • Automatic data logger with automatic visualization mode (rolling messages, full page, tables)
  • Graphical library for many user interfaces, like menus, tables, virtual keyboards, amazing and design images
  • Intuitive touch-screen management
  • Automatic generation of CAN mapping and variable database
  • Plug-in for SAE J1939 standard (automatic decoding and parsing)
  • Simple I/O definition
  • Capability to run analog gauges on clusters
  • Capability to generate software running also for PCs, making troubleshooting or end-of-line software much easier
  • Digital signature on applications to prevent unauthorized access
  • PDF file management (open, zooming, scrolling)
  • Possibility to manage Multilanguage, also for non-Latin alphabet (Chinese, Russian, Arabic)