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Frequently Asked Questions - VT3 6.x

FAQs - VT3 6.x


                  1)     BUGFIX: unformatted event_log locks device.

2)     DEVICE: Integrated device ECOMATRIX     (HC12) into VT3.

DEVICE: Integrated device POWER_NODE  (HC12) into VT3.

DEVICE: Integrated device MGBRIDGE         (HC12) into VT3.

3)  CANVIEW3+:
            1)  Added menagement EEPROM (VT3 %F);            
            2)  Added menagement pin RPM MODE;
            1)  Upgrade %P vars from 200 to 900 byte;
            2)  Added menagement pin RPM MODE;
5)  UAV:    
            1)  Added feedback mode at pin VPE+;    
6)  CLS2LE:    
            1)  Update connector pin names:
                    Physical Pin       New connetor pin            Old connetor pin
                      INP00                     X1.15                                   J1.15
                      INP01                     X1.16                                   J1.16     
                      INP02                     X1.17                                   J1.17    
                      INP03                     X1.18                                   J1.18     
                      VPWR                      X1.01                                  J1.01     
                      WDOIN                    X1.03                                  J1.03.04.05
                      WDOOUT                X1.06                                  J1.06.07 
                      OUT00                    X1.10                                  J1.10     
                      OUT01                    X1.11                                  J1.11     
                      OUT02                    X1.12                                  J1.12    
                      OUT03                    X1.13                                  J1.13  
7)  VT3 LIBRARIES:    
            1)  MGBRIDGE      : added library for management RPM mode pin;
            2)  IO_BRIDGE      : added library for management RPM mode pin;
            3)  CANVIEW3+   : added library for management RPM mode pin;
            4)  VIEW512         : increased allocation memory for internal SD elog management;

  1) DEVICE: Integrated device CANVIEW3+ into VT3.

1)   Fixed "Modifiable lvalue expected" error;

                    2)   CANVIEW3+ still under development, it lacks the EEPROM management;

1) Found and fixed a bug that prevented WinscopeNet to be used.
    Symptom: in WinscopeNet tables all variables with status locked in "TIMEOUT".

 1)  TERA:
                         1)  Added update from USB KEY (only of Tera itself);
                         2)  New feature disable touch and keyboard when lowpower mode;
                         3)  Fixed problem for TERA (imx356) vertical using camera driver.

    2)  VIEW512:
            1)  Fixed bug in VT3 runtime clock management for VIEW512. 
    3)  ALGA-TFT:
            1)  Updated VT3 runtime for problem 'black & white' screen.             
    4)  CANVIEW3:
            1)  Fixed bug touch with a trasparent bmp;
            2)  Fixed bug for dichromatic bmp alignment;
            3)  Optimized memory management of device: reduced area for code and extended area for graphics;
    5)  CLS2:
            1)  Fixed bug for PIN V5VP;
    6)  VT3:
            1)  Updated VT3 protocol for reading vt3 HWversion and project version without login (only for HC12)
    7)  VT3 LIBRARIES:
            1)  Updated SD card FAT16 Library for CLS35 and CLS2_LMI (CLS2_Lib
            2)  Updated SD card FAT16 Library for VIEW2 and VIEW512 (VIEW2_512_Lib
            3)  Optimized internal function WRITE_EL for TERA (TERA_Lib

                   6)  CANVIEW3+:
                          1)  Still in testing phase and development (Do Not Use)

            1) ALGA_TFT: Solved problem white/black screen on startup;     
            2) TERA: Occasionally a delay when vt3_app restart (after application Upload);    
            3) CANVIEW3: Implemented %P vartype in E2PROM;

1) DEVICE: Integrated device IO_BRIDGE into VT3.

     For building you need the correct version 10 of Freescale's CodeWarrior;             

2) DEVICE: Integrated device ALGA EVO into VT3 (under development for DEMO/TEST only)

3)  Added new object PDF-VIEWER for TERA devices;
4)  Removed the following libraries in all target: "vt3_can_set_rx_callback" and "vt3_can_get_rx_msg";
5)  Implemented atomic access for variables received by CAN-BUS

      (with size greater than processor architecture Example: LReal on 32bit CPU).
      This implementation applies only on IEC61131 languages (FBD, ST and Ladder);