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Frequently Asked Questions - VT3 5.x

FAQs - VT3 5.x


1)  Added library "MIDAC_Lib", (..\resources\library\MIDAC_Lib\MIDAC_Lib_1_0_0_5.vt3_lib) about the management of LOAD CELL connected to the LIN bus of the MIDAC+;
2) Added example "MIDAC_Load_Call_Lib_Test", (..\resources\examples\MIDAC_Load_Call_Lib_Test\MIDAC_Load_Call_Lib_Test.vt3) about use of library "MIDAC_Lib"

           1)  Added library "CANVIEW3_Lib", (..\resources\library\CANVIEW3_Lib\CANVIEW3_Lib_1_0_0_1.vt3_lib)
                to change mode backlight of the display; 
            2)  Added PWM mode backlight of the display;
            3)  Added target CANVIEW3 horizontal and vertical with lcd-green mode and lcd-white mode;

           1)  Increased the number of visible records in LogTable object;
           2)  Corrected the mapping of physical TERA4 keys into the SCREEN_FRAME ;


    RECALL & 3B2:     

            1)  Added %R handling (size 112 bytes);



                    1)  Improved EMC performance;
                    2)  Resolved bug of CAN errors handling during PARTIAL_SLEEP mode;
                    3)  Resolved bug of "white screen" at start up;
                    4)  Added possibility to call EnterStandBy with key ON;
                    5)  Updated FPGA code to move camera vertically;


       1) New device integrated CANVIEW3P: portrait mode of CANVIEW3.

    1) TERA_Lib:
      Now, when you try to download in USB or SD device a not existing Event Log, your application doesn't restart.


     1) Now the installer generates in the Start menu two shortcut for Examples folder and Librariesfolder

         that are located in the installation path of VT3.

Maintenance release.

  • MC2M_2CPU baudrate bugfix (2nd and 3th CAN-BUS at 500 Kb/s )
  • input indicators in subscreen bugfix
  • input indicators binary input mask bugfix
  • input indicators uppercase input mask bugfix
  • HC12 device bootloader baudrate setting bugfix
  • user manual updated

Maintenance release

This version fixes the following issues introduced in VT3 5.2.2.

CANVIEW3 touch screen


It also fixes MC2M_2CPU with the possibility to set the baudrate (at 500 Kb/s) on 2nd and 3th CAN-BUS

  • video input in GIGA device (only fullscreen mode )
  • increased CANVIEW3 heap size
  • user manual update
  • TERA7 screen_frame image update

Maintenance release

  • ALGA_TFT: improved gauges 'return to zero' and standby management
  • Possibility to send the same CAN message from multiple controllers
  • MIDAC+ reset bugfix using SET_WDO; updated MIDAC VT3 library (MIDAC_Lib_1_0_0_4)

Maintenance release

  • multiple subscreen on the same screen bugfix (only in HC12 devices; ALGA_TFT, GIGA,...)
  • subscreen bugfix in CANVIEW device
  • IO_Cabin renamed to  IO_CAB
  • increased stack size for GIGA scheduled task (300 -> 500 bytes)
  • improved GIGA internal watchdog management
  • CLS2 and CLS2_LMI linker optimization (changes in PRM files)

    1)  Add new device: IO_Cabin

    1)  Fixed some problems related to the Input Text: 
                -) Verified string length and mask length, now they must be the same;
                -) Improved the modification of an initialized string, assigned to an input text;


    1)  UTILITY:
            -)  Adding into the library 'UTILITY_Lib' (..\resources\Library\UTILITY_Lib\UTILITY_Lib_1_0_0_1.vt3_lib)
                 the function of converting a byte in an ASCII character (BYTE_TO_ASCII).
                 It has been also updated the example of use the library (..\resources\examples\UTILITY_Lib_Test\UTILITY_Lib_Test.vt3)
    2)  RECALL:
            -)  Updated the library of the SERIAL, and the example of use the library: 
                        1) initCOM:                    initialize SERIAL;
                        2) writeCOM:                  write on SERIAL;
                        3) readCOM:                   read to SERIAL;
                        4) resetBufferCOM:         reset buffer SERIAL (in the previous version was "resetCOM");
    3)  UAV:
            -)  Updated the library of the SERIAL, and the example of use the library: 
                        1) initCOM:                    initialize SERIAL;
                        2) writeCOM:                  write on SERIAL;
                        3) readCOM:                   read to SERIAL;
                        4) resetBufferCOM:         reset buffer SERIAL (in the previous version was "resetCOM");


SOLUTION FOR THE COMPILING ERROR "Cannot use trasparent color in subscreen":
    1)  Starting from version you can't use "transparent" color in the subscreen object, instead you have to use the "NULL" color.


    1)  Solving problem with TERA devices.


    1)  Insertion of a decimal value in an InputText;
    2)  Can_callback not called for an extended message;
    3)  Menu navigation, making possible to go out from a sub menu with all items disabled.
    1)  Implemented TIME_TO_DWORD and TIME_TO_WORD;
    2)  Implemented the history in the menu ( menu persist ) that is the possibility to return to the last selected submenu.
    1)  Created the VT3 library into \resources\library\UTILITY_Lib\UTILITY_Lib_1_0_0_0.vt3_lib :
      -)  Implemented the function "get_prj_version" that returns a string with the version of the VT3 project.
    1)  ALGA:
            -)  Improved initialization function of GET_CURRENT_DATE_AND_TIME.
    2)  CANVIEW3:
            -)  Integrated the touch with the new features of VT3 ver.5 .

    3)  MIDAC+:
            -)  Updated firmware for MIDAC+ CPU0 and CPU1;
            -)  Available S19-CPU1 on site "Home\Downloads\VT3\Extra\".

The VT3 version got a problem for Tera devices on function SAVE_BYTEARRAY_R()

Please use the previous version ( if you develop on TERA devices.

No problem for HC12 devices, don't worry about this.

We are working on a new release that will fix this problem.

Added a new device: CLS2_LMI

  • Feature: Add memory management %T and %F ; 
  • Library: <vt3 installation folder>\resources\library\CLS2_LIM_Lib\CLS2_LMI_Lib_1_0_0_0.vt3_lib;


          Stable version of TERA4

Added a new device: RECALL

  • Feature: Serial communication; 
  • Library: <vt3 installation folder>\resources\library\RECALL_Lib\RECALL_LIB_1_0_0_1.vt3_lib

Added new features for: UAV

  • Feature: Serial communication; 
  • Library: <vt3 installation folder>\resources\library\UAV_Lib\UAV_LIB_1_0_0_1.vt3_lib


  • Resolved ALGA-TFT random reboot (xgate stack);
  • Added a new device: UAV

LCD write: <vt3 installation folder>\resources\library\UAV_Lib\UAV_LIB_1_0_0_0.vt3_lib


we made a change in the order of the keys in the device named "Tera7 Vertical 15keys".

Warning !
Make a backup copy of your project before open it with VT3 5 version.
Using the new VT3 5 features, the project could become incompatible with VT3 version 4.

Derived from VT3, the VT3 version 5 brings inprovements a lot of new features:

  • Resources optimizations
  • New inputs/outputs indicators

To reduce RAM memory usage, some graphical indicators properties have been placed in ROM intead of RAM.
The indicator structure has changed, if you are referring to a property in this way:

int trash_width = ind_screen1_mb_trash.width;

Now you have to change your code in this way:

int trash_width = ind_screen1_mb_trash.rom->width;

To reduce RAM memory usage, only the variables rapresenting the current screen and his indicators are available at runtime.
Due to this implementation, now is not allowed referring to a screen or indicators from a different screen.
For example, in screen1 is not possible referring to and indicator of screen2:

(screen 1 indicator event)
    ind_screen2_mb_movement.x = 0;    // error !

New input indicators implemented are:

  • Text input
  • Numeric input
  • Menu
  • Virtual button

New output indicators implemented are:

  • Data grid
  • Simple text multiline

Input and output indicators can be used only where display resources (screen resolution, physical keys, touchscreen) are suitable for manage indicators features.
For new indicator usage, take a look at VT3 documentation.

Some useful examples can be found in <vt3 installation folder>\resources\examples, from which indicator implementation can be copied and pasted into another project (e.g. the TERA on_screen keyboard)

TERA_Lib (\<vt3 installation folder\resources\library\TERA_Lib) has been also updated with POU's to initialize %P and %R memory varibles.