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Frequently Asked Questions - VT3 4.x

FAQs - VT3 4.x
  • In this release the new TERA4 has been added (under development, for demo purpose only).
  • Single gauge ALGA_TFT (1_1, 1_2, 2_1 models) driver upgrade.
  • In this release the new TERA7-vertical has been added.

Maintenance release, it brings some bug fixes:

  1. - VIEW2/VIEW512 SD-HC card compatibility
  2. - removed unused IO_CFG pin status (GD_STATUS_PIN_IO)
  3. - issues using STRING and SimpleText indicator in ALGA devices
  • Device library (<vt3 installation folder>\resources\library) have been updated introducing the <IO_variable>_status values and descriptions.
  • (<IO_variable>_status variables are those automatically generated from VT3 when in IO_CFG the I/O is defined with diagnostic mode <IO_mode>_D).
  • Integrated new CANVIEW3 device (under development).

The following issues have been fixed:

  1. - TERA family internal relè 'flickering' when KEY is switched off
  2. - TERA family build error "error: variable xxxx has wrong size (expected 4 bytes)" with 'temp' REAL variable
  3. - VT3 debugger error "CAN error: function 'SetWatchList' , 'NACK: [10, 1, 42, 1]' , CAN-bus disconnected" with MIDAC+ and LE70 devices
  4. - issue re-importing a font already present in project
  5. - extended CAN messages not received by the device with CAN-id < 0x7FF
  6. - build warning "WARNING C1805: Non standard conversion used" with MIDAC+ devices
  7. - VT3 debugger error "NameError: global name 'retDate' is not defined" reading an invalid DATE_AND_TIME from the device
  8. - build error "SCons timeout " on slow PC

New features are:

  • Remote_IO library: it's a library of preconfigured CAN messages to manage (configure, read an write) AMU CBL, AMU CBP-CBS, AMU CBO, IOEXT2 devices; see <vt3 installation folder>/resources/library/Remote_IO.vt3
  • new WRITE_EL_TO_SD and WRITE_EL_TO_USB POUs (where SD reader or USB connection are available) to save event-log in binary format to SD/USB on the device; written binary file can be read with ElogViewer tool on a PC; this functions are available in device specifics library in <vt3 installation folder>/resources/library
  • new TERA-runtime compatible with fast boot TERA devices

Very important note
From this release, if you rebuild a VIEW2 or VIEW512 project created with a previous VT3 version, after the upload to the device, 
date and time must be set on VIEW2 and VIEW512 display device with SET_CURRENT_DATE_AND_TIME

  • New device target CLS2LE


  1. data block variables initialization issue
  2. PCAN Explorer CAN messages export issue with comments with characters like òéìù....

From this release is also available a VT3 setup including TERA devices toolchain (vt3_setup_n.n.n.n_TERA_toolchain.exe).

New TERA library to manage power fail (<VT3 installation path>/resources/library/TERA_Lib)

  • Added a DM1 j1939 decode example in J1939 library (<VT3 installation path>/resources/library/J1939)
  • Now is possible switch on/off TERA6/TERA7 keys backlight (see keys_backlight on screen_frame)
  • All unicode chars are accepted in comments in all languages


  1.  wrong variables type declared in IO_CFG with mode xxxxx_TIMERIN  (from this version, the variables type is changed from UINT to DINT);
  2. changes made in the following devices: ALGA_TFT models, CLS06, CLS2 models, I_TOP, VIEW models
  3. J1939 DM1 message not received with dlc <= 8, and not received with dlc > 8 on CAN port > 0
  4. unicode fonts issue in translation table

This release includes support for new devices VIEW512 and CLS2_LMI (CLS2_LMI is under development).

Now is possible using elements of array of STRING and STRING fields of struct in SimpleText indicator.
CAN line renaming automatically adjusts all CAN interfaces references.

Most important bugfix:
- LE70: wrong current feedback value in PWM outputs

  • This release includes support for new devices TERA8-portraitTERA7 and LE70.
  • New language constant LANGUAGE_<language name> can be assigned to vt3_language global variable.
  • The checkbox 'start device when done' upload option mantains the state across sessions.
  • The vt3_error_EL_<event log name> variable has become an INT variable (see EL_ERR_xxxx error codes).
  • The CLS35 programmable device has been renamed to CLS2 (nothing you have to do in your project).

Most important bugfix:

  1. "the application seems to freeze at startup on TERA devices"
  2. TERA6 screen flickering
  3. event-log download error from MIDAC+ devices

This is a maintenance release with bug fixes.

The most important bugs-fix are:

  • "screen_frame events written in ST language are not saved"
  • "problems during vt3-library creation"

the tree-project icons are restored to the original size (prior version) and 
some device specifc library are available in <vt3 path>\resources\library

In addition to many bug-fixes, this release introduces the following new implementations:

  • single zipped-executable setup file for Windows XP-32bit, Windows Vista-32/64bit and Windows 7-32/64bit
  • autocomplete can be enabled/disabled from preferences window
  • conversion functions to/from STRING (<ANY>_TO_STRING and STRING_TO_<ANY>)
  • "Find and Replace" in text editors
  • new targets:
    • CLS35
    • TERA8
    • VIEW2 (4 models) + SD card library (SD_Lib is located in <vt3 installation path>\resources\library\SD_Lib folder while the usage example project SD_Lib_Test in <vt3 installation path>\resources\example\SD_Lib_Test)
  • j1939.vt3 project has been moved from <vt3 installation path>\resources\example to <vt3 installation path>\resources\library folder
  • CodeSys project POUs import
  • new functions ALM_seek_local_AGUID, ALM_seek_local_SPN_FMI to retrieve the alarm index in order to set/get the alarm status programmatically (other function are also available; take a look to the manual)
  • now the alarm inhibitions are local and indipendent to the device
  • TERA6 buzzer managed by screen_frame (you have to remove all SetBuzzer function calls from your application)
  • some user interface changes

Also we suggest you :

  • replace the vt3_can_set_rx_callback function calls with the CAN callback management (see "Receive callback functions" in the manual)
  • port your application from 'MC2M_Master' to 'MC2M_2CPU'

First refer to News "VT3 release has been released ".

- New ribbon-bar user interface

- TERA6/12 backlight, fan, buzzer (where available) managed by screen_frame; 
you should remove LcdSetBacklight, SetFan, SetBuzzer function calls from your application

- new library management

- TERA6 backlight bugfix (permanently off issue)

- new Al-Ga TFT devices

- J1939