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Frequently Asked Questions - VT3 3.x

FAQs - VT3 3.x

VT3 setup 32bit

- new MC2M_2CPU programmable device to develop on CPU0 and CPU1 (MC2M_Master is still present for compatibility reason, will be removed in next VT3 release)

- new MIDAC+, CLS06, VIEW Vertical and ITOP programmable devices

- 'black box' now is called 'event log'

- VT3 not locked during upload

- read and write remote variables (see REMOTE_READ and REMOTE_WRITE in VT3 documentation)

- big/little endian CAN messages

- one shot and variable transmit rate CAN messages

- MultiText item color

- C/ST/LD/FBD editors colors

- other bugfix

Very important notes:

In order to enable this VT3 version, the USB-license dongle (iKey1000) should be reconfigured with the VT3_Activation tool.

VT3_Activation tool needs Microsoft NET Framework and an internet connection.

tool is available for download from, Downloads section -> VT3 Customer -> Tools

Only for TERA6/12 devices

Applications developed with this VT3 version require a can_daemon upgrade to 1.9.1 version (can_daemon is the VT3 bootloader).

The upgraded devices will become incompatible with the applications developed with previous VT3 versions.

In this case, simply rebuild the project with this VT3 release.

At the first upload, VT3 will automatically update the can_daemon and reboot the TERA device.

Whereas VT3 is not available for upload the device, the can_daemon upgrade can be done withWinLoaderTera.

Run WinLoaderTera, select the unit, press upgrade and select file.